The very charming Ranelagh road.


Swaying trees welcome you into Ranelagh, looking particularly attractive and in full foliage around this time of year. It is wonderful, walking or driving past that lone cherry blossom tree on the little square. Entering Ranelagh, it is possible to see a place that sometimes defies explanation of how it comes to be what it purports to be.

Ranelagh road leads into Ranelagh Village. It is charming here, although the term village is lightly used. Ranelagh is a busy place, filled to the brim with cafes and restaurants.

Nick’s Coffee is a little kiosk right across from the Luas station, and in the short few years since it has shown up on the scene, it seems to have garnered very loyal customers. This tiny place is regularly cited as having the best coffee in Ranelagh. Locals sit on its front bench, or in it’s little outside enclosure, just to catch up and sip coffee.


Across from Nick’s is Locksmiths and Cycles for all your bicycle needs. Be it customization, or just advise on the best bike to invest in. With his range of new and second hand bikes, Jack is always willing to advise you. Although the occasional witty banter is also his forte.


Fashion comes in the form of boutiques dotted along the main street. Deja Vu, the newly arrived Seagreen. Bow and Pearl proves colorful however, for super fun fashion and gift offerings. If their range of edited chic fashion doesn’t get you topping up your summer wardrobe, then their range of trinkets, accessories, and candles will ensure that you pick up a gift for someone you might really only like.


Eat dim sum at newly opened Maks restaurant, or at Dillingers, which is on the site where Dylan McGrath’s Mint restaurant used to be. Do pop in to Kinara kitchen however, with their award winning mixologist. This restaurant has been buzzing since it opened, and offers the finest Pakistani cuisine. They recommend their Roomali wraps and Thali lunch, although do go anytime to see how they can further be of service.


Er Buchetto, Caffe Italiano, offers a more rustic setting for breakfast or coffee. Or be still, and eavesdrop on literary conversations, as the finest poets and writers tend to breakfast here. With Cinnamon just a few doors down, dinner with friends is sorted.


Apart from being an uber cool place to live, Ranelagh is a unique offering in the art of Dublin and city living. Do pop down sometime. You won’t be disappointed.


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