Ah, People

People are odd curiosities that remove me from the populace. I find it uncomfortable to unwind my body to the uniformity. I am of rigid mold, and plain folk just don’t cut it for me sometimes. I become confused, alarmed, worried. Then I retreat, in order that I may re-strategize.

I prefer simplicity. I prefer a sprinkle of humanity. I engage with these species, as if a calm wind held my back. I seek their minds and their eccentricities, in order that I might understand my proclivities. It is better this way, for then I am not of two minds. Doubt is the undoing of the unbending human being. It can never be deciphered, nor understood satisfactorily.

So I seek them still, these specks of the population that hold me in thrall, and ground me with my beliefs. So that the curiosities become even more mundane, and I can see through them, to the exemplary.


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