The Raid (The movie)

It thrilled, it thrilled. It sang beneath my veins, gave me goosebumps. I was like a kid again, my smile wide and goofy. Oh what a movie! It thrilled!

If any of you have missed a good old martial arts action flick without the fuss of recent years, see this movie. It is too cool for words. A police team raid the apartment block of a known and untouchable drug lord, with tenants that include all his nefarious associates. Things don’t go to plan when they are spotted and the bad guys decide to retaliate. Cue machine gun, knife and machete toting bad guys and dead police people, trapped in the sixth floor with no way up, or down. There is a lot of fun stuff here to keep the action movie enthusiast glued to his or her seat.

This Indonesian action flick ticked all the boxes. Old school, check. Bloody, check. Violent, check. Psycho martial arts pro, check. Cute hero, check.



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