Le Moine (The Monk); the movie

Was not sure what to expect on walking into this movie during the Jameson Dublin Irish Film Festival but it delivered in spades. It is quality work, a little shocking if you do not know what to expect, but well worth a look.

Father Ambrosio, played to excellence by French actor Vincent Cassel (seen in Mesrine 1 & 2), is a devout and unflinching monk, sure and faithful in all his ways. He speaks God’s words, and he lives sparsely in the monastery with his brothers/fellow monks. The arrival of a mysterious young man, Valerio, who has come to train as a monk changes things.

Bordering on supernatural, The Monk tells a gripping story of the fall from righteousness, the wages of sin, yet so much more. More than can be written on these pages.

Well worth a look.


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