Shame; the movie

Shame is a film not for the squeamish. We are exposed to full frontal nudity and masturbation from the start. This said, it isn’t the most intense out there.

This movie tells the story of a sex addict, Micheal Fassbender, and what that entails in his daily life. He is an ordinary man, attractive, and a success socially. It is his private life that is not as it could be.

As expected, he is secretive about it, but takes every opportunity to have sex or masturbate. He lives alone, so the situation seems ideal. Until his little sister, played by Carey Mulligan, comes to stay.

As the film evolves, we see a lot of pain. We also question the relationship between brother and sister, and what about their childhoods has made them so complicated and messed up as adults.

Strictly 18+, but a good one to see. Besides, Micheal Fassbender looks amazing, with and without his clothes on.


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