I suppose some are sceptical about going to see a fight movie, considering we had The Fighter last year. You would be foolish to judge too soon.

This movie is more about mixed martial arts as opposed to strictly boxing, although the movie does not focus on this. The story revolves around two brothers and their estranged father, played wonderfully by Nick Nolte. The brothers both enter the mixed martial arts tournament, called Sparta, to win the prize money, although for different reasons. The younger brother, a hot blooded young man with anger issues, fights to win and does it well, while his elder brother is the underdog. A physics teacher with a family to support and without the killer instinct required to go up against world class champions.

This movie has a lot of heart. In my humble opinion, Nick Nolte stole the show with powerful performances that left you shaken. He is on point as the recovering alcoholic father trying to win back the affections of his sons while trying to make sure they succeed.

This movie is recommended, if only to see how the greats do it.


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