Super 8

I am a child of the eighties, though this movie is based in 1979, but semantics.

Brilliantly done. This movie brings you good old-fashioned nostalgia in abundance.

It starts with four kids trying to make a zombie movie. During one scene, a train crashes. They managed to survive, but only after one of them spots that the train held a mystery cargo. Queue missing persons, dogs that ran away, microwaves that disappeared in the night, and the flickering lights of the whole town. All amidst the turmoil of a teenage boy who recently lost his mother and is stuck with an emotionally distant father.

J.J. Abrams brings us what he does best. You spend most of the movie wondering what It is, and when you do find out, you are not disappointed. There are thrills and action scenes in spades, and our five unlikely heroes, including Elle Fanning, manage to save the day. As kids do.

This movie brings out the inner child in you, making you deliriously pleased for no other reason other than you know this genre, you understand. Top marks.


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