Transformers; Dark of the moon

First of all, i have to say, it didn’t suck.

Considering how disastrous the last one was (apparently it did well in the box office), this more than made up for it. There was bad ass robot action, wonky accents on the little ones, and enough destruction to rival any that Micheal Bay and Spielberg may dream up again. Shia le Beouf was acceptably annoying, but we could take it. This revamp was a treat for sci fi enthusiasts and those with Transformer action figures stashed somewhere safe.

Though, the biggest success was the casting of the Burberry and Victoria Secret supermodel, Rosie Huntington Whitely. Apart from the fact that she looked awesome and was allowed to keep her British accent, once we got a look at those (wtf??) lips, au naturel by the way, we promptly forgot the other one that was fired for being that annoying. I forget her name. She could do the job, and she did it well.

This movie was over two hours long. Optimus Prime and the Autobots had Megatron and the Deceptocons to deal with, as well as a new threat in the form of Sentinel Prime, rescued from the dark of the moon, only to betray his human and robot counterparts with nefarious schemes of his own.

The action was packed. Bombs blew up buildings, humans were spontaneously combusted, and alien weapons were given to the puny humans to wield, with pleasurable results.

Worth a watch, if just to see things blow up. With the original cast joined by John Malcovich, Patrick Dempsey, and Ken Jeong (Hangover & Hangover II), it’s kinda fun.


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