The Guard

I suppose it was funny.

It started slow, with all the players showing up in bits. We got to see our characters chatting, mixing intellectual references with their funny. That was fine. Although i did not find the “Bozo the clown” reference all that funny.

That said, Brendan Gleeson was magnificent, dare i say somewhat sexy as the dirty ol’ copper who doesn’t give a toss. That hotel room scene could have been sexier but hey.

Don Cheadle works well comically, as the black FBI man in the west of Ireland. That was kinda cool. Also, the fact that they all lost interest when he informed them that he was not with the Behavioral Analysis Unit but with the Drugs unit was hilarious. I’m not sure what that says about Irish society, if anything, or about the west of Ireland’s attitude to drugs.

All in all, a good show. Very Irish, quite funny, and worth the money. If all Irish movies could poke fun at itself like this more successfully, we’d all be laughing our way to the banks.


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