X-men; First Class

Do not underestimate the attractiveness of a superhero movie to fans. They come, they go, they’re good, they seriously suck. Either way, we don’t care. We go, we see, we judge.

On that note, this movie did well. For a Marvel revamp.

James McEvoy was brilliant as professor X, Charles. He was magnificent, beautiful, sensitive, sincere. He gathered his confused children with the enthusiam of youth, bringing a sincerity and an innocence to the plight of the mutants. Fassbender plays the angry Erik, a perfect complement to Charles. He never pretended. He was as he was, out for revenge but almost willing to give people a chance.

Kevin Bacon’s turn as the bad guy was awesome. I have missed him so. He brought good hair and excellent wardrobe to the scenes. Although it might seem as if all the eighties greats seem to be making a comeback as supporting roles in big blockbusters, it does not prevent a delicious thrill, witnessing them do their thing.

There was a good story, a ridiculous amount of cameos (Wolverine’s five second one for instance), a solid number of brits (like that guy from Skins playing Beast), and the use of the Cuban missile crisis to show us what mutants can do in open waters.

Apart from the fact that all the mutants were mini versions of what we’re used to seeing already, it’s well worth a watch. It was not ruined.


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