Viva Riva!

God! Where do i begin?!

This is an African movie, check. Not Nollywood, check. Not South African, check. Tame and obsessed with domestic issues, religion and medicine men. Not!

There is an abundance of sex and guns in this film from the Congo, a shock to anyone not used to seeing African movies do this.

It starts with the return of Riva to the Congo, after spending a few years in Angola. He is happy, flush, in need of his best friend and a good whore house. All is well.

It isn’t long before we are introduced to gangsters from Angola. The general theme is; Where is Riva? This movie shows a seediness to the country that maybe some might sort of expect, but not to the extent depicted here. There is a vividness to it all that will put the unsuspecting, non porn obsessed African to the blush. Oh yeah, it’s that crazy.

That said, the movie isn’t about drugs but fuel. There is a shortage of fuel and we see what lengths people will go to for it. From the commandant to the whore, from the home bred gangster to the foreign one, from the government official to the priest. We see how money corrupts and how greed is bred.

It is one to watch, if only for something different. A familiar theme in unfamiliar settings. Well done.


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