Tipperary Casino; an opinion piece

I guess it’s a sign of progress that a super casino will be built in the middle of country side Ireland, namely Tipperary. In this massive acreage, you will also find a hotel for budding gamblers, and dog tracks, just to top up the excitement. The locals, naturally, disagree with this new move. Their objections would more likely lie with the invasion of the beauty of their landscape. Who wants American style structures popping up in their scenic grassy backyards.

The government’s buzz selling points remain solely with employment. Thousands of new employees, including construction workers and maintenance crew will keep people away from the dole queues for three years during construction. A positive thing for the economy and rural Ireland with not enough distractions. But what do we do about this giant eye sore that will drag in all those lowly creatures that we look down on for not having the sense to stick with the quick pick?

If Dublin had the space, the casino and it’s outbuildings would have gone there. As it stands, true progress in this world comes from having these internationally recognised developments, basic standards for being classed above the middle ages, present in our society. We are a tiny island trying to compete successfully. We’ve got the Dundrum Shopping Centre, the Four Seasons, Croke Park, business parks with same ol’ stacked box structures. So why not a super casino?

In the face of things, what choice have we got? I’m sure those responsible for it have thought of this. High unemployment, debt crisis, flat lining market performance, and paying off the IMF by the year 20… something. Why should we do this? Why not do this.

We gotta try something, right?


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