Momentary Insanity

What’s your problem, lady? The ATM’s out of service? Right, so what’s the problem? No can do, lady, the minimum spend is 5 euros to use your card and the your max cashback will be 30 euro. I’m sorry but rules, you know. You’re upset. Right. Let’s get this straight. You’re angry with me because the ATM is out of service? Sorry but i can’t fix that. Your tone is unnecessary, especially since I am being extremely civil to you. Would you like me to stop that and tell you the truth? Okay then, here goes.

Said ATM is the property of Bank of Ireland, not the shop. If and when the machine runs out of 20s, 50s, or indeed all its contents, I am not to blame. Such a situation requires a staff of said Bank of Ireland. Should a helpful staff of the bank be unavailable to you when you need them, I urge you to restrain yourself. Hold it in. Pucker your mouth and do not let a sound through. Then walk out the door to your nearest financial institution of aforementioned name and voice your concerns to them. If that fails, and you are unsatisfied, please, look up into the skies, damn the skies for your torment, scream out your frustrations, let it out like an uptight winger that you are.

But most of all, do not voice it to me. Because I could not give a fuck.


2 thoughts on “Momentary Insanity

  1. lets say, there is a costumer that spent €4,83, then he / she gives you € 5,00 after you offer him a bag and the change that would be 17c he / she will tell “Keep The Change”… but it is not just one or two people it is dozen of them, sometimes even more than that, think the whole country? So, it is one of the reasons why the ATM is empty …

  2. apart of the ones which you give some coins and they say….” RRHHAA, More Rubbish….”… No value to the money, No money in ATMs…i wish they would give me some of this “Rubbish”, i wouldn’t even bother… =]

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